Committed to directing God's resources  through the pipeline into the field 

Pastoral Care

We help fund and organize getaways for Pastors while covering their church so that they can return to their ministry refreshed.

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Mission Support

We direct resources to help missionaries and mission organizations meet their needs outside of normal giving streams. 

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Community Outreach

We help provide resources from supplies to leadership to help rural churches and ministries reach their communities more effectively.  

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Coaching & Consulting

We provide assistance to churches through Coaching or as a Certified Church Consultant.

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Coaching or Church Consulting


We network to secure equipment and software for ministries, donated through organizations or other ministries. 

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Directing God’s resources to equip pastors, missionaries and ministries in their efforts to advance His Kingdom.  

We believe, “When God is your source, you never run out of a good thing.” 

Pipeline Ministries, Inc

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Pipeline Ministries, Inc is a fully approved 

501 (C)(3) non-profit ministry.